Hunter Mcintyre Workshop
in Crossfit Heaven


On the 9th of July CrossFit Heaven will proudly host 3x HYROX World Champion and MURPH record holder Hunter McIntyre as part of his European Gym Tour, and will be the only box in Scandinavia to do so.

The 4 hour intensive workshop will be focused on HYROX training, and throughout the day Hunter will go into depth with practical techniques and strategies to optimize your performance, lead you through a HYROX workout and answer your questions.

Plan for the day

The workshop will begin at 16:00 in CrossFit Heaven (Sjællandsgade 25B, 7100 Vejle) and is expected to finish around 20:00. It will include:

  • 2 hour seminar with focus on training techniques and strategies
  • 1 hour sports performance training which will guarantee to challenge you
  • 1 hour Q&A session with Hunter

In addition to this, all participants will receive a 30 day membership to Hunter’s online programme HAOS, and Hunter’s team have also promised to bring his merchandise on the day.

The price for the workshop is 799 DKK.

To ensure a good experience for all, places for the workshop are limited, so sign up while you still can!

Who is Hunter McIntyre?

Hunter McIntyre is a professional athlete and fitness coach who has established himself as a dominating force within the world of OCR and HYROX. He has been named one of the “50 Fittest Athletes” by Sports Illustrated, and is the undefeated champion in Broken Skull Ranch (CMT’s reality TV show). He is the most successful athlete in his field, and also participated in the 2019 CrossFit Games.

Hunter’s impressive list of titles:

  • 3x HYROX World Champion
  • 4x HYROX record - 54:07
  • 3x Broken Skull Champion
  • 4x Mud Run Champion
  • 6x OCR World Champion
  • 4x OCR National Champion
  • GORUCK Champion
  • MURPH World Record